Why Medical Marijuana Patients Choose CannaMed

CannaMed is one of the only California Medical Corporations which is required by the California Medical Board and has been evaluating medical marijuana patients since 2004.

At CannaMed you see a real licensed physician in one of our safe locations.

Your information is 100% confidential in the state of California. CannaMed does not report or send your information to any third parties or government agencies. If you are approved for a Medical Marijuana Recommendation by a CannaMed Physician, you will receive a letter of recommendation printed on nice stock with the seal of CannaMed a California Medical Corporation and a signature from the evaluating doctor.

Depending on your state laws you may or may not have a choice to register with the state medical marijuana card. California is completely voluntary.

If the evaluating physician does not approve you for Medical Marijuana or Cannabis your visit to CannaMed is completely free.

We offers 24 hour live phone verification, coupled with an online verification. This is important to your well being. If you get pulled over with marijuana in your vehicle a police officer can call CannaMed 24×7 to verify that you are in fact a Medical Marijuana Patient with CannaMed.

Police officers are familiar with our system and respect our patients rights because we fallow the law and make sure our patients are evaluated properly.

Along with the live phone we have an online patient verification system that the Medical Marijuana Cooperatives use to verify letter validity on your visit to pick up your medication.

We are one of the first to implement this process and it is done in house not by third party. You can rest assure that your information is safe and encrypted. In order to verify a patient online you would have to posses the patient’s state driver’s license/ID card number and their CannaMed Patient ID number input them both into the system like two keys.

Only CannaMed, the patient and whoever the patient gives this information to will be able to verify.

A great way to protect yourself as a patient is to look up the doctor on the California Medical Boards website at https://www2.mbc.ca.gov/LicenseLookupSystem/PhysicianSurgeon/Search.aspx to make sure the physician’s license to practice medicine is current and in good standing.

Many patients over the years have come to us after they found out their medical marijuana recommendation is not valid because the doctor they saw was not current or their practice was shut down do to illegal practices.

If you have any questions please call us at 866-624-1191

  • April 25, 2012

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